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It is a thing of great joy to be able to give. Remember the saying “It is better t give than to receive”.

In January 2016, through The John Maxwell co., about 250 certified coaches of The John Maxwell Team went on a volunteer mission to Paraguay to train on values and leadership. I have been humbled by that experience of the joys that emanated from the average Paraguayan in embracing change to bring a better leadership to their country.

The Sir Joachim Ogbugoh Memorial Education Fund

Established in 2011, this foundation was set up in memory of my Father who was not only passionate about education, but also believed and taught us “Education is the only legacy you can live your child”. This is a continuation of what he loved to do: helping children get educated.

The foundation currently has beneficiaries in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria. You too can be a part of this giving. Click HERE to know how you can help.