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Teena Ogbugoh is the founder of Joan Lugards Consultancy Services, a leadership and personal development company, where she serves as an agent of change and transformation for businesses and individuals. She has helped businesses and professionals find their “WHY” and begin to live a life of transformation and follow their dreams.

Teena has been trained and mentored by some of the best leaders in personal development including Dr. John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Brian Tracy and Les Brown. She is now helping people discover their passion and live their dreams through coaching, mentoring, training and as a speaker.

Though she bagged her first degree in Chemistry from the University of Calabar, Nigeria; she diversified and started a career in banking which spanned a decade and a half. She worked in different managerial and leadership positions while in the financial sector during which period she discovered her passion for helping others to confront their fears and actualize their dreams through coaching and mentoring.

“Each person is gifted with a talent”, says Teena, “to become the person they desire. It is in nurturing and developing the talent with persistence and consistency that positive results are achieved”.

In 2011, Teena left banking to pursue her passion by enrolling for a Masters’ degree program in International Human Resource Management and thus started her coaching and training career. In 2015, Teena joined The John Maxwell Team Certification program to be a Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer in leadership and personal development.

One memorable highlight since joining The John Maxwell Team came in February 2016 in Paraguay. “I went as part of about 250 coaches” recounts Teena, “who went for Transformacion Paraguay with The John Maxwell Leadership Organization, an international non-profit, specialized in training effective leaders”. Over 20,000 leaders were trained in four (4) days from different sectors including government, hospitals, banks, universities, churches, factories and the military. “We were all volunteers’ expecting no recompense but the happiness and positive energy from the people of Paraguay was more rewarding than any financial recompense”.

More than anything, Teena admits, I now understand that “learning is knowledge only when it is applied” and that “it is good to know but your best comes from doing”.

Teena has a Masters degree from the Kingston University Business School, London in International Human Resources Management (MSc. IHRM). She is a member of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, United Kingdom (CIPD) and The John Maxwell Team. She is on the President’s Advisory Council of The John Maxwell Team and the Treasurer of Lighthouse Prestige Toastmasters Club, Lagos.

Teena enjoys traveling, reading, running and spending time with family and friends when she is not coaching or training clients.