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It is time to create goals with passion and purpose!

A vision board is a collage of images and pictures that focus on your goals and dreams.

Your vision board should focus not only on the things you want but also on how you want to feel when you get the things you want.

Learn to set goals that will aid your growth.

Be intentional on achieving your goals through proper planning and execution.


The agenda for the session will be:

11.00am Arrivals and introductions

11:30am 60 second pitches

11:45am Coffee and networking

12:15pm Creation of your vision board for 2018

13:30pm Goal setting and Goal sharing

14:45 Closure, Networking and lunch


Teena Ogbugoh is a leadership expert for high networth organisations and individuals.

She is a highly experienced coach that helps her clients improve their confidence and promotes a healthy work life balance. She is the CEO of Joan Lugards Consulting Services Ltd and an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team. She serves on the President’s Advisory Committee of The John Maxwell Team.

The session normally costs N50,000 but as a new year gift to you, this will attract only N15,000 per person.

Spaces will be limited to 30 people per session to ensure the session remains personal and focused.



Event Payment

Minimum payable amount NGN 15,000
* are compulsory